SCS Marketing Support Services

Certification has been proven to give businesses the edge they need to compete both by confirming that the consumer will get a safe quality product, and because consumers care about sustainability. We are committed to helping our clients take advantage of their certification and market and publicize through as many channels as possible.

How to Get Started

To get started, certified clients, select one or more services of interest and contact us. Our Client Marketing team is standing by to assist you.

PR Support

  • Collaborate with us to prepare topical articles of interest to your customers, including blog posts, and more.

  • To reinforce your public announcement, we’ll share your news through our media distribution services, as well as our full suite of social media channels.

  • Take advantage of our technical support to ensure that your website messaging, social media campaigns, and digital advertisements tell your story while conforming to our Labeling and Language Guide.

  • Put our design team to work in conceptualizing and executing the production of compelling advertisements for print, broadcast, or online applications.

  • Our service agreement requires that we preview your press announcements for technical accuracy. Our team can also help you craft an announcement, and support you in live press events as a supplemental service.

Promotional Support

  • Hone your SCS-certification talking points and use SCS-prepared slides to support your presentation.

  • We can provide you with exhibit signs and other collateral to reinforce your SCS-certified accomplishment in your trade show booths.

  • Ensure that your marketing collateral communicates your accomplishments in a compelling manner while conforming to our Labeling and Language Guide.

  • Certified clients, their logos and product shots for selected programs are featured on the SCS website in certified product directories and on many other prominent pages.



  • Provide your sales staff and managers with the talking points they need to share the value of your certification with customers and stakeholders.

  • Educate your customers about the value of your certified accomplishment for their own needs or that of their customers.

Design and Media

  • Our digital marketing staff can support your efforts to get the word out to your key stakeholders across your social media channels.

  • We’ll work with your web team to prepare captivating website copy complemented by the images and artwork you need to share your certification message effectively.

  • Work with our marketing and design teams to prepare effective printed communications materials for use in mailings, at events, and in sales meetings.

  • Take advantage of our in-house capacity to produce a professional video highlighting your certified accomplishment.

  • Our design team will help you design your label to feature your certified accomplishment while conforming to our Labelling and Language Guide.

Product Labeling

The SCS Kingfisher

The SCS Kingfisher family of certification marks brings positive recognition to our certified clients’ achievements. Co-branding with the SCS Kingfisher mark can significantly increase your visibility and add real value in the marketplace.


* Please note: All uses of the SCS name or marks, including but not limited to registered trademarks and service marks, or written references to your SCS certification in printed or electronic promotional applications, must be submitted to your SCS program contact for review prior to publication, printing or other uses.  This includes any authorized business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) uses of any SCS Certification Marks or trademarks, the SCS name, or any statements related to SCS certification to avoid accidental misuse. Under no circumstances should the SCS Certification Mark or any messages related to SCS certification be used in a manner that suggests a meaning other than explicitly authorized. This requirement is also stated in the SCS Professional Services Agreement. SCS staff will make every effort to respond to authorization requests within 24-72 hours.