SFI® Chain of Custody認証

持続可能な森林イニシアチブ(Sustainable Forestry Initiative®)に基づく木材および紙製品の場合

Gerardo Marenco|ジェラルド・マレンコ  

SFI Chain of Custody (CoC) is one of the leading certifications in North America to show traceability of wood, paper, and forest fiber content from certified responsible forests. SCS provides the independent audits for certification, so that companies can make credible claims for sourcing sustainable forest products.

The SFI certification system ensures that forest products moving through the supply chain are certified at every stage, from timber operations to logging, sawmills, pulp mills, paper companies, printers and manufacturers. Certification demonstrates that an organization is committed to supporting sustainable forestry, including protecting biodiversity and ecosystems, and other environmental, social, and economic principles of the SFI Forest Management Standard. SFI Certification also contributes to LEED® for building products.

To achieve certification, SCS conducts an audit to determine conformance of the SFI standard, which includes procedure and document reviews, an onsite audit, and staff interviews. Forest products certified to SFI are recognized internationally by Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), allowing products to pass claims throughout both systems.

Why SCS Global Services? 

Bundle your SFI audit with FSC® and PEFC to be more cost-effective and to establish your commitment of forest product certifications to your supply chain and consumers. Customer service is SCS’s #1 priority with reliable, efficient and responsive full-time staff, auditors from the forest product sector, and a connected network of sustainability experts in diverse industries. 

Leverage our full suite of sustainability services, ranging from certifications for recycled content, carbon neutral and zero waste, as well as SCS Consulting services for supply chains and corporate sustainability. We aim to help companies of all sizes succeed in demonstrating success with their sustainability goals.


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SFI CoC認証は、製材所、二次製造業者、ブローカー、流通業者、卸売業者、小売業者、印刷業者、紙商人など、米国内で林産物を加工・販売するすべての企業が取得できます。この認証は、認証された森林や再生資源からの原材料を使用していることを証明するものです。


SFI CoC認証審査は、FSC(Forest Stewardship Council®)CoC 認証審査やPEFC(Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification)CoC認証審査と並行して実施することができ、認証活動の価値をさらに高めることができます。

木材製品は、SCS Recycled ContentSCS Indoor Advantage室内空気環境、SCS CARB Formaldehyde Compliance(CARB ATCM) のいずれかの認証を受けることができます。 

木質バイオマス生産者は、Chain of Custody監査とSustainable Biomass Program(SBP)監査を組み合わせることで、全体的な監査時間と費用を削減することもできます。




SCS Global Services は、以下の関連サービスを提供しています。



このウェビナーでは、SCS Global Services が行っているさまざまな種類の監査について説明します。
SCS Global Services は、本日、持続可能な林業イニシアティブ(Sustainable Forestry Initiative)に基づく監査を実施するための認定を受けたことを発表しました...